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Welcome to all my readers…

This is a blog in which I will aim to discuss blogs in general, as well as issues relating to newspaper design and publishing online. Now I know that these may not always seem like interesting topics, but there are actually some interesting aspects to these topics.

According to, there are over 164 million public blogs in existence, and despite many people believing that blogs are past their heyday, there is still a new blog created every half second.

Now, although we all know that online news and publishing has changed the way we access and interact with media, some of do not quite realise how or why.

Yes – everybody knows that having the news on the internet means that we get it all as it happens with constant updates as more information comes to light, etc. But there are also a lot of negative implications associated with online news. Issues such as the potential lack of credibility of the author or the sources from an article. While a lot of online news comes from a newspaper’s own website, many other stories come from individual blogs and a lot of people tend to take what is often someone’s opinion or assumption and believe it to be fact.

Anyway, this is just one of the many things I will cover in my own blog in entries to come.

Stay tuned


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