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You know, it’s interesting. Before starting this particular blog, I had started a couple of others, but they didn’t really have a specific purpose to them; they were more like an online diary. As such, I started them and wrote a few entries, but never really kept them up – but then again, I was never good at maintaining even a handwritten diary when I was younger.

That being said, I have really enjoyed writing this blog, and having something specific to discuss in each post. I really think that I could be diligent enough to maintain a blog if it had a certain theme, rather than a general ‘what is happening in my life’.

I have also enjoyed the general research and reading that I have done to inform myself enough to write about the things I have talked about. I love being able to read different articles and forums and gain a better overall understanding of something. I have even come out with a different perspective on online media as a whole after this.

I very much look forward to continuing this blog and developing a greater understanding of different aspects of the media.


Is there anything that you feel is not talked about enough in today’s media, or something about the media that often gets forgotten?



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